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We offer authentic gastronomic concepts which provide our visitors a variety of gastronomic options. Our idea is to combine traditional hospitality with innovation. We operate and sell concepts itself, having culinary finesse and the operational management as key factors to secure a unique customer experience: Welcome to Marjan Concepts

Our Vision

We want to be the preferred choice for authentic and country-specific dining experiences. We don’t just offer a specific concept, but a multitude of gastronomic ideas that are enjoyed by customers. We see hospitality and authentic cuisine as valuable cultural assets and we want to make them easy and uncomplicated for people to enjoy with our interpretations. We attach great importance to authenticity and innovation in order to be able to offer such extraordinary concepts. Our Vision is based on the follow three principles:

Authentic Food

We offer our guests authentic taste experiences at a high level. Our offer will have an unmistakable recognition value. We have respect for culinary cultures and try to integrate them as best we can.

Innovative Concepts

We are an innovative company that is open to new trends and tries to let them go with our concept. Adapting to the new and still valuing our principles, is the way we chose at Marjan Concepts

Passionate Hosts

We love to be hosts and want to let other people feel and taste our enthusiasm. We devote our full attention to our guests and try to fulfill their wishes and suggestions, if they are within our possibilities

Products & Services

The range of Marjan Concepts consists of modern gastronomy concepts. The “Al Hamra” in Cologne is to be the first restaurant to be opened following this idea.

Marjan Moments

Get inspired by our Gallery for your next culinary visit. Maybe your next delicious adventure is just around the corner?

Investment Opportunities

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Benedikt Müller founded Marjan Concepts based on his knowledge and experiences in the tourism industry. He worked in various countries abroad, including 1.5 years in Ras Al Khaimah, UAE, where he got the inspiration for this venture. The approach of the company is clearly defined: offering guests authentic gastronomic experiences that they have not yet been able to get to know at this level in their place of residence. The exchange between cultures, getting to know something new, recognizing the gastronomic complexity and the importance of innovation in combination with tradition are things that shape the company Marjan Concepts. All of this is based on professionalism and the passion to be a good host in order to make the idea of sustainable. There are numerous opportunities for the further development of the company and its offers:

If our philosophy sounds encouraging and you are interested to cooperate, invest or work with Marjan Concepts, please feel free to reach out to us.

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